Change our thoughts change our life

How to Obliterate Your Fixed Mindset!

The Power of your Thoughts

Your Fixed Mindset Is Holding You Back!

Your Fixed Mindset will have you believing that your success or failure is the result of your traits … traits that you were born with and can do nothing about.

If that’s your reality what do you do?


  • You avoid singing because someone said you can’t sing
  • You avoid anything creative because … you can’t …draw…paint…act…fill in the blank ______
  • You avoid people because you “aren’t good with people”
  • You can’t cook, garden, or do anything technical .. just because something went wrong in the past?
  • You aren’t good at study so you don’t
  • …The list goes on and on

The End Result? 

You seriously reduce your ability to meet your needs, live the life you want and be your best self.

A Growth Mindset vs a Fixed Mindset

  • A Fixed Mindset sees challenges as evidence of shortcomings or failures. You give up  or avoid trying altogether so you can’t fail or be judged
  • A Fixed Mindset is outcomes-driven and  sees failure as wasted effort.

Whereas a Growth Mindset…. sees challenges, problems and failures as opportunities, feedback, or at worst temporary setbacks.

Obliterate your Fixed Mindset and develop your  Growth Mindset to steer your life in the directions you want and MOST IMPORTANTLY … stay the course and appreciate the journey.

The First Step!!

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