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Good Relationships

Healthy Relationship Advice

If there was ever a time for healthy relationship advice it’s now because you have probably been spending more time with your significant others than ever before. How has that worked for you? Has closeness of contact brought you closer together, or has it driven you further apart? Are your relationships more stressful or more …

Self, Selfless, Self Accepting

Selfish, Selfless and Self Accepting

Selfish: Meeting your needs at the expense of another’s ability to meet their needs. Selfless: Meeting another’s needs at the expense of your own needs and then there is Self Accepting. Self acceptance means different things to different people but it’s primarily seen as awareness and acceptance of your strengths, weaknesses and behaviours. Dr Glasser …

Your One Elusive Thing


Learning natural stress relief techniques is not difficult because stress is not necessarily a bad thing. We all need some stress in our lives but what we don’t want are the nasty physical symptoms caused by too much stress. This is when stress becomes distress and can have very unpleasant outcomes such as heart disease, …

how to deal with stress

Ways to Deal With Stress

Look for the Needs that you aren’t Meeting Successfully There are many ways to deal with stress but most of them just deal with symptoms. Few strategies will help you deal with the underlying causes of your stress. When you are asked why you are stressed out and anxious you can probably come up with …

Angels take themselves lightly

Stop Panic Attacks Now!

Only you can stop your panic attacks and yes, you can begin to stop them now! What are Panic Attacks? Panic attacks are an extreme, transitory spike in your anxiety levels. They occur because your belief in your ability to cope is overwhelmed by your belief that you cannot cope. This often happens at night …

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