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Internal Stress

Being Better – In 4 Easy Steps

Are you tired of being less than you know you can be? Are you thinking about how you could be better? As you’re here reading this blog post I’m pretty sure it’s been on your mind. Are you a bit of a self-development junkie like me or are you just feeling less than you know …

Angels take themselves lightly

Stop Panic Attacks Now!

Only you can stop your panic attacks and yes, you can begin to stop them now! What are Panic Attacks? Panic attacks are an extreme, transitory spike in your anxiety levels. They occur because your belief in your ability to cope is overwhelmed by your belief that you cannot cope. This often happens at night …

Covid Happy Place

Doing Ordinary Well

It’s now looking like for many of us Covid 19 is not going to be going away anytime soon. We’re in Victoria, Australia, and while we’re a long way from the so-call hotspots of Melbourne, it seems like our whole state is being treated as a danger-zone by the rest of the country. While we …