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In Control

Am I Really in Control?

Do you feel stressed and anxious because your life seems out of your control? Believing that you are ever really in control of your life is a fantasy. There’s only ever one thing in life that can you control, that’s you and that’s enough. We often measure wellbeing against how “in control” we feel. That’s …

Thoughts are Things...Important Things

The Power of your Thoughts

The Power of your thoughts can empower or disempower you. Empowering thoughts help you to take charge of your life. They’re necessary for you to make empowered choices. Empowered choices are the result of empowering thoughts and draw to you what you really want in your life. True empowerment comes about when you effectively convert …

You Can't Feel Good When You Think Bad

How Do You Deal With Anxiety and Depression?

You Learn How to Deal Effectively With Stress Yes, it’s actually that simple. Learn how to deal with stress effectively and you won’t have to deal with anxiety and depression. But what if you’re already anxious and depressed? It’s not too late! Learning how to deal with stress will hugely improve your depression and anxiety. …