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How to Relieve Stress and Anxiety


Not all stress is bad in fact, we all need some stress in our lives. Too much stress, however, is very unpleasant and can cause nasty physical symptoms. This is distress, and if it isn’t addressed, these physical symptoms get worse and can undermine our overall health.

Physical symptoms can include things like muscle pain, insomnia, fatigue, headaches, chest pain, high blood pressure, and more. Unaddressed these symptoms can, in themselves, cause even more stress as we not only stress over the initial stressor but also over the stress symptoms we are experiencing. If we don’t take action a vicious cycle develops.

Because stress can impact our physical and mental health if we don’t address it, we want to have stress relief solutions that we can rely on as part of a routine. If we’re proactive about stress, we can manage it better. The problem is that often when we are distressed we let go of the very things that are stress relievers, e.g. we stop exercising, we start eating unhealthily, we let our minds loose at night, and then have trouble sleeping.

Mind Mastery

Think About Things Differently

Mastering our mind is the single most important thing we can do to relieve stress and anxiety. Nothing that happens to use is innately stressful. Stress is always the result of how we respond to what is happening, or what has happened to us. If we can change our minds, we can literally change our lives.

This sounds simple but it is far from simple. Mind mastery is a practice that we can and should employ throughout our lives. Mastering our mind goes hand in hand with a growth mindset and the first step is to acknowledge that it is the most important thing we can do to take charge of our lives.

A great deal of what happens in our lives is beyond our control. All we can, or should even attempt to control, is ourselves. This is a tall order because the illusion of being able to change others seems easier. How often do we say things like “he makes me”, or “if only she didn’t then…”? These statements all reinforce to us that if something outside of ourselves was different, we would be different. Perhaps we would, for a while, but we would not have solved our problem, only avoided it until next time someone behaves in that way.

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Managing our mind is the single most important thing we can do to manage stress and anxiety, however, there are other things that we can do too.

Exerciselife is like riding a bicycle

Exercise is a great way to keep stress under control. This is because exercising gives us a boost in endorphins, our feel-good chemicals, and reduces the amount of cortisol, which is linked to stress.


Learning meditation techniques can prevent stress from escalating because it can relax the body and keep emotions calm. Meditation can give us relief from whatever is stressing us out. The practice gives us the ability to be centred and prevents our responses to little irritations from turning into major stressors.

How To Be The Best We Can Be

Meditation helps to keep us centred in the present, and we don’t have to sit in a chair, or cross-legged on the floor to meditate.  Yoga combines meditation and exercise, as does walking or running in nature. Even cycling can be a stress reliever because our mind has to be firmly in the present and on the road ahead.

Keep a Healthy Work/Life Balance

It’s important that we remember to leave room in our schedules to do the activities that relax us and give us a break from responsibilities. This means learning to say no to anything that would encroach on our downtime and zap our energy.

Setting limits means understanding what we’re capable of dealing with before we allow our minds to go into stress mode. Often the first thing that we skimp on is sleep, whether that’s due to pulling all-nighters or allowing our mind to run rampant so that we can’t sleep even though we want to. Stress is more likely to be an issue when we don’t get enough sleep, or we don’t get the restful sleep that rejuvenates us.

Food and Drink

Many of us have learned to use food as a comforter, when in fact maintaining a healthy diet is an important part of our mental health hygiene. Eating poorly increases stress because it can make us feel unwell, unattractive, overweight, and lethargic. Making the choice to relieve tension in a healthy way, rather than stuffing a box of donuts down our throat, is something we need to learn if we are to effectively manage stress. The same goes for alcohol and sports drinks.


Jeff Steedman
Jeff Steedman – Riviera Counselling

We can talk about whatever is stressing us with a loved one or therapist. We might even choose to write it out in a journal or embark on art therapy. Gardening, cooking, sculpting, pottery; literally anything that absorbs us in the present and is enjoyable for us should not be overlooked as part of our mental health hygiene arsenal.  Practicing calming techniques such as deep breathing, visualisation and the reframing of our thoughts are also useful.

Learn How to Manage Stress and Anxiety Effectively

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  1. hello, it is a great and nice feeling to know that someone will create a great website like this that is so helpful.Stress and anxiety in one’s life can cause premature death, there is a big problem with suicide rates. I think everyone needs to learn how to relieve stress from this article. it is really helpful

  2. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .Mental stress is a very serious problem. I work online in addition to my studies, and sometimes there is a lot of work stress. At the same time, my family suffers from stress and depression which impacts me. I wanted to get away from them because they make everything worse. Your article has ing me that I can’t control them and just need to focus on me.

  3. First of all thank you so much for sharing such an excellent article with us. Your article is really great and informative and definitely helpful to me .Excessive emotional stress was very unpleasant and had a very bad effect on me physically .This caused pains in my chest.Because stress has had an impact on my physical and mental health I have meditated on a regular basis and am very careful with my diet. This has improved the pains in my chest and I can now get adequate sleep.I found some more excellent tips through your article. I will definitely follow them and I will pass your article on to my friends. Can I share your article on my social media?

  4. This is a good one. I must first commend the time and energy that you have put into making this website with nice templates and finding time to write an article on how to relieve stress and anxiety. my aunt really needs to see this article. it will really be of great help to her. thank you very much

  5. I totally agree with you that it is possible to live a life of contentment and do what is needed exactly the right way only if we learn yo give prominence to what it actually deserves. Learning to set the priorities right and focusing on the ways to ensure that we see our life as worthy and should be treated with such. Great post and the tips are really great. Thanks

  6. Many thanks to you for sharing me with an interesting article. This is a great article about How to Relieve Stress and anxiety.There are many different causes of anxiety and stress, fear or panic and it’s different for everyone. When you’re feeling anxious or scared.The techniques you mentioned to relieve stress in your article are truly remarkable.

    I too am under stress.Only then does your article mention the body exercises and meditation, the things that help me relieve stress.

    For those who are always under stress, your article will help reduce their stress.That’s why I want to share your article with everyone if you give me permission

  7. I love that you say that not all stress is bad. I have been listening to Brendon Burchard, he said that he gets super excited every time that he is stress is because he is about to break through something amazing. It takes practice though. I wish I am good at mind mastery, but you are right, I have to keep on practicing. 

    Food is definitely plays an important part to stress, there are many studies states that if our gut is happy, our brain is happy so I am always aiming for eating whole food and drink a lot of water and green tea. Meditation does help with my stress as well. I am a buddihst so I practice some chanting with Vipassana meditation. Afterwards, it is such a blissful experience, I feel calm and great about thinking nothing at all. However, I am horrible at meditating though, I just do not give up because of the benefits. 

    For me therapy is always a last option. I wish it could work for me because therapy technically is a safe zone. I was so depressed once and was prescribed with Zoloft. I mean it worked at the time when I was bombarded with life and I just need something to take of the edge or I would get crazy anxiety attacks but the reality was I was just numbing myself and did not fix the problems. It came to me that the Therapist (they are great by the way no offence) do not really understand me as much as I assumed they do. Think about it, they meet me once a week, how would they know. If they are following me around all day everyday they will understand me better. That led me to self understanding. Now I am doing a lot of understanding myself what I need and want and try not to engage in technology too much. Distractions are bad for me, now that I know. 

    That was long lol This topic just interests me and I feel that I have to share. 


    1. Thanks Nuttanee, I really appreciate your generous and well considered comment. I’m glad you have a good handle on stress now 🙂

  8. You have really managed to cover so many really useful ways of managing stress, in your article. Worry and anxiety can be insidious in their nature. Creeping up on you and striking when you least expect it.

    Mindfulness, or being in the present, as you put it, is a sure fire way of dealing with the feeling of being stressed out. It gives your brain a rest, something that we forget it needs, for most of the time.

    I exercise every morning, not necessarily to relieve stress, but to put me in a much better frame of mind. I feel I can tackle the day far better than I would otherwise. It also gives me a sense of achievement and well-being. I used to practice T’ai Chi, which I found really helped. I plan to start that again soon. Moving and breathing are very important.

    Over the years I have managed to master a small part of my mind. This is by replacing those thoughts that intrude, with happy ones. It can be an event I enjoyed or just a memory of something good that happened. It’s an instant switch and as the brain can only focus on one thing at a time, the ‘stressy’ thoughts are replaced. This can be done as many times as is necessary.

    1. Thanks Twack, I’m glad you have learned to master your mind 🙂

  9. Hey,

    Nice article! I do yoga and meditation daily. I can’t explain how much improvement this has brought to my life. Whenever I do it I feel myself stress less.  Nowadays, Stress or anxiety is becoming a common fact in our life that’s why suicide rates are becoming an alarming issue in our society. So, This article is so appropriate for this time. Thanks a lot for sharing with us.

  10. First of all,Thank you for sharing a great article with us. Your article is very helpful and informative for those suffering depression. Excessive anxiety and emotional stress are harmful to health because of this, it makes people frustrated. Due to the extra stress, my high blood pressure is increasing which causes me to suffer physically and mentally. Fortunately, I enjoyed reading your article, and am going to benefit. 

    Your article is very helpful to us and will share it with my friends.

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