The Power of the Mind


What is The Power of the Mind? Change our thoughts change our life

Few people would disagree that the power of the mind is immense but what powers does the mind actually have? Our mind is aware of its surroundings as well as being self-aware. Our minds can solve problems and create, as well as learn. Our mind can be our greatest ally if we take charge of it and use it to serve us, or our worst nightmare if we let it run rampant and succumb to thoughts that don’t serve us.

Thought Power

Often when people use the term mind power what they are actually referring to is thought power. Choice Theory recognises thoughts as behaviours, that we are totally responsible for. Our thinking and our actions directly impact our feelings and our physiology.

Change Our Thoughts Change Our LifeThe power of the mind

Mind power, or thought power, is one of the strongest and most important powers we possess. Our thoughts impact our feelings and our physiology so it is vital that: –

  • we are aware of our thoughts
  • we acknowledge that thoughts are subjective (we create them out of our perceptions)
  • we take responsibility for our thoughts
  • we accept that we have the ability to change our thoughts
  • we consistently work to create thoughts that serve us better

Neuroplasticity is the ability our brain has to create new neural pathways. When we repeat a thought or an action we strengthen the neural networks that represent that behaviour. Old thoughts and behaviours are like well-worn paths that are habitual for us. Creating new neural pathways is challenging because it is like hacking out a new track through a forest. Unless we make those changes however, we will never change our life.

Visualisation Is Not Enoughvisualisation is not enough

Thinking and acting go hand in hand when we want to create something new and exciting, or even when we simply want to keep travelling on an upward trajectory. Similar changes may happen physically in the brain whether we perform an action, or just visualise it. High achievers often spend considerable time visualising their success, but they also spend considerable time practising their skills. Top writers write, top business people do business and top actors act. If we want to realise our dreams into our 3D world we have to take action as well as use the power of our mind.

A Fixed Mindset

If we have a fixed mindset we believe that our character, intelligence, and abilities are set and that we can’t change them in any meaningful way. Such limiting beliefs will obviously affect our thoughts and actions and prevent us from changing our life in ways that go outside of our mindset. As children if we were told that we were uncoordinated, untidy, unartistic or countless other criticisms and judgements, we will likely carry these labels through life unless we are aware of them and work to change our thinking. Having the ability to this this creates a growth mindset that is much more expansive and will provide us with many more opportunities in life and much more control over our life.

Failure Can Be A Form Of Learning

If as children we were lucky enough to have had insightful parents, they would have viewed our mistakes and failures as a necessary part of our growth, and supported us in figuring out new and better ways to deal with situations. As adults few of us have the benefit of a workplace with the same perception or expectation. It is important that we don’t replicate that standard in our own mind as it can be a powerful barrier to growth.  A growth mindset thrives on challenge and doesn’t interpret failure or mistake making as evidence that the judgements and criticisms of us by ourselves and others are correct. A growth mindset adopts realistically positive thoughts about ourselves, our capabilities, our challenges and our potential.

Stay Aware

If new information resonates with us we can generally take it on board quite easily. Unfortunately it is also easy to slip back into old pathways because they are so familiar to us.

If you are serious about using the power of your mind to improve your life sign up for a meme a day to give you something to think about each day that will help you along that new pathway even when the going gets tough.

To the power of your mind.