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Internal Stress

Being Better – In 4 Easy Steps

Are you tired of being less than you know you can be? Are you thinking about how you could be better? As you’re here reading this blog post I’m pretty sure it’s been on your mind. Are you a bit of a self-development junkie like me or are you just feeling less than you know …

Self, Selfless, Self Accepting

Selfish, Selfless and Self Accepting

Selfish: Meeting your needs at the expense of another’s ability to meet their needs. Selfless: Meeting another’s needs at the expense of your own needs and then there is Self Accepting. Self acceptance means different things to different people but it’s primarily seen as awareness and acceptance of your strengths, weaknesses and behaviours. Dr Glasser …

Good Relationships

How to Improve your Relationship

Just a heads-up 😊 We made it into the top 100 Personal Development blogs on Feedspot this week👍 . Chances are that over the past few months you have been spending more time with your significant other than ever before. How is that working for you? Has the closeness of contact brought you closer together, …