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Can you imagine how it would be to feel confident, happy, and peaceful, without having to turn your life upside down and inside out?

You’d wake up after a good night’s sleep looking forward to the day, instead of dreading it. Your relationships would work. Your life would bring you joy, freedom, purpose and security.

So ask yourself…are you fed up barely surviving each day by using alcohol, food, drugs, or whatever it takes to get you through?

Are you ready to make changes that actually work and will give you what you really want?

Most counsellors, coaches, and even psychologists have it wrong.

  • They don’t recognise the importance of your individual needs profile.
  • They give you sympathy instead of robust strategies.
  • They drag you through the mire of your past instead of focusing you on the only place you can make change … the present!
  • They’re happy for you to be reliant on them instead of teaching you resilience and self-reliance.
  • They’re quick to turn to medication as a long-term viable option.

We’re very different!

Our work is based on Choice Theory which identifies five basic needs that are genetically programmed in all of us to differing degrees. Therefore what works for one person will not necessarily work for another.

Sympathy can be nice to receive and it can help relieve built-up discomfort but it won’t get to the underlying causes of your stress and unhappiness. And it can actually help keep you stuck.

The only thing you can change about the past is your perception of it. If you want to change your present and your future the only place to do that is in the present.

Our aim is to give you the tools to manage your own well-being.

In most cases, medication is only useful short-term. And you still need to work on the underlying causes of your stress and unhappiness.

Discover the #1 Reason You’re Stressed, Anxious or Unhappy…It Will Change Your Life

The #1 Reason You're Stressed, Anxious or Unhappy

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